T4J Team

Al Barlow, CEO

Al Barlow

A. Wellington "Al" Barlow wields well over thirty years of trial court experience in both criminal and civil law, protecting and advancing the constitutional rights of clients in both spheres of the legal system. He has served on the 4th Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission (1991-1994) via gubernatorial appointment and was elected to serve as Chairman. 

He was also appointed by a Florida Bar president to serve on a 4th Circuit Florida Bar Grievance Committee which investigates attorney misconduct and recommends appropriate punishment if necessary.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1983) and a Juris Doctorate (1985) from the University of Florida. He holds bar membership in Florida (1986) and Georgia (1994).  

Chris Parker, CFO

Chris Parker

Chris brings a range of experience spanning a 40 year period in various business ventures that include sole proprietorships, limited partnerships and a Fortune 50 company. 

Chris has had bottom line responsibility at every level including a business unit covering nine separate markets, 500 employees and a nine figure revenue and expense budget.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Management (1973).

Buster Bragg, CTO


Buster Bragg is an Information Technology professional with over 35 years of experience leading teams in designing, developing and implementing large and small-scale applications on a variety of platforms from IBM mainframes to web-based distributed platforms. 

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Computer Science, a Master’s Certificate in Project Management and holds a U.S. Patent for a software development tool.